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How It Works

The function of UOSH Consultation is to help identify safety and health hazards in the workplace and provide recommendations for correction. Our goal is to educate and assist employers and their employees in promoting safety and health in the workplace to prevent injuries and illnesses. UOSH Consultation helps accomplish this without issuing citations or penalties.

Our staff of experienced professional safety and industrial hygiene (health) consultants will assess your safety and health program. This includes identification of safety and health hazards in your workplace with recommendations to reduce or eliminate hazards, meet current safety and health regulations and develop an ongoing, effective safety and health management system. We provide confidential, comprehensive written reports detailing our findings and recommendations. At your request, we will conduct follow-up visits as needed to provide safety and health training for your workers. You decide the scope and extent of the safety and health services provided.

Prevention is Key

  • How safe is your workplace?
  • Where do you look for the latest safety and health information?
  • What types of measures are you taking to ensure that your workers remain healthy and productive?

Who We Are

UOSH Consultation and Education Services provides confidential on-site safety and health services, at no charge to Utah businesses with 250 employees or less throughout the state or 500 employees or less corporate-wide. Although the primary emphasis of UOSH Consultation and Education Services is small/high-hazard businesses, we welcome the opportunity to assist employers of all sizes.

What We Do:

  • Help you recognize safety and health hazards in your workplace
  • Suggest options for correcting safety and health hazards identified
  • Recommend different kinds of help available should you need further assistance
  • Conduct air and noise sampling to assess potential health concerns
  • Provide a written report summarizing findings and recommendations
  • Help you develop and maintain an effective safety and health program
  • Provide training and education for you and your employee

We provide this service on a no-charge basis with a non-penalty approach.


  • Reduce or eliminate worker accidents and the associated costs
  • Lower workers’ compensation insurance costs
  • Employees who see that their employer actively cares about their safety and health are happier and more productive while demonstrating higher job satisfaction, less absenteeism and more job loyalty

Four Steps to Success

Step #1 | Request a Consultation

Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail us using the form below to request a no-cost consultation.

Step #2 | On-Site Visit

Our visit begins with an opening conference and continues with a walkthrough survey of your workplace, a safety and health program assessment, and a closing conference to discuss the findings and recommendations.

Step #3 | Evaluation and Report

Following the visit, we will evaluate all collected information and we will send you a report detailing all findings and recommendations, including ways to improve your workplace safety management and health system.

Step #4 | Correction of Serious Hazards

You and the consultant will work together to set a correction due date to eliminate serious hazards. Additional consultation visits during this period are available as needed or requested to help maintain a safe and healthful working environment for your employees.

Success Stories

Request a Consultation

(801) 530-6855

available from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

160 E 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111